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        💖Free Pack


        💖Pixel Paper💖

1. A fully customizable inventory paper .

2. Size width 517 : height 320

3. Comes in 3 Colors

- Gold

- Silver

- Light Brown

4. A fully animated side tabs.

-Side tabs open animation

-Side tabs close animation

5. 6 fully designed inventory pages





-Save System



        💖Custom Paper 💖

1. A set of tile based papers to make your own pages


        💖Custom Paper Headers💖

1. A set of tile based paper headers

2. Contains 2 sizes

-16x16 in 3 styles

-32x32 in 4 styles


        💖Tabs and Bookmarks💖

1. A set of tabs set for paper book

2. A set of strings to attach papers to make

-Paper books




        💖Buttons & Holders💖

1. Resizable buttons and holders set

2. Scroll bar and buttons

3. Arrow pointer and red frame for highlighting options

4. Check box


          💖Progress Bars💖

1. A set of 16x16 progress bars in 3 colors






1. A pack of 12 items in 16x16 



1. A set of 21 icons within 20x20 size



1. A pack of equipment set in 16x16

2. 8 equipment set of icons








3. 5 health bottles



1. Decorative lines and box borders are also included.


          💖Animated Dustbin💖

1. An animated dustbin that can be used in inventory


          💖Day & Night Cycle💖

1. Day & Night Cycle for inventory Book

2. Contains following Animations

- Day 

- After Noon

- Dawn

- Night



1. A set of 11 cute emoji's for inventory


        💖Source Files💖

1. Aseprite Source Files are included.

2. PNG Sprite Sheets 

3. PNG Sprites are added in their respected folders


        💖License for Free Pack💖

Do Not Re-Sell Re-Distribute These Assets.

Used for Commercial & Personal Games.

Attribution Are Not Necessary But Appreciated.

You Must Follow us ( Highly Optional )


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Asalam o Alaikum Everyone & Welcome All Viewers

🌟 Imagine you are going for an Adventure and you want to keep track of everything.

Health, Stamina, Map, items, Equipment & food 🌟

🌟 Then This Bundle of Books are for You.🌟

This is Version 1.3 for Adventure Book Side Tabs.

1.Paper UI

--Paper Tiles in 4 Styles

- in 2 colors

- in 2 Sizes 32x32 and 16x16 


2.Paper Headers 32x32

--4 Different Shapes

- in 3 styles


3.Paper Headers 16x16

--6 Different Shapes

- in 3 Styles


4.Paper Bookmarks

--2 Styles


5.Paper Buttons

--16x16 Papers Set

--Paper Tiles in 4 Styles

--in 2 colors


6.Book  : Static :

--649x407px Book Ready to Use


7.Book  : Animated :

--649x407px Book Ready to Use

--Contains Page Flip Animation   : Left & Right :


Coins included in the Project are Part of Super Reward Bundle #1: Coin Pack.

You can check them out her


Hearts included in the Project are Part of Health Progress : Gold & Silver Hearts.

You can check them out here.


         --: Assets Files :--

1. Aseprite File Contains


2. Examples

3.Bonus Gold Pack


All Assets are Exported in Separate Folders.


      💖Bonus Adventure Book💖

                         🌟Anime Book🌟

1. Animated Book in Gold Color.

- Size 659x400

                  🌟Decorative Pages🌟

1. Each Page of the Book is Decorative According to your Needs 

- Profile

- Status

- inventory

- Quests

- Settings   --  General  --  Video  --  Audio  --  Controls  --

- Save & Load

                       🌟Book Cover🌟

1. Book Covers are in 2 Styles

- Decorative

- Simple

               🌟Book Open & Close🌟

1. Book Opens and Closes in in 2 Styles

- Decorative

- Simple

                   🌟Book Page Flip🌟

1. Pages Flips in 2 Sides Animated with Tabs & Without Tabs

- Page Flip Left

- Page Flip Right

                        🌟Book Tabs🌟

1. Book Side Tabs Animation With icons & Without icons

- Tabs Open Animation

- Tabs Close Animation

- Tab Change Animation


1. A Set of Papers Set in Tile Based in Gold.

- Size 32x32

                     🌟Buttons Pack🌟

1. A Set of Buttons in 2 Sizes both Transparent and with Buttons

- 16x16 Buttons

- 43 icons

- Static

- Clickable

-32x32 Buttons

- 45 icons

- Static

- Clickable

2. Contains 4 Colors

- Black

- Red

- Yellow

- Green

                 🌟Dialogue Pages🌟

1. Contains Some Examples To Make Dialogue Pages with Ease.

                       🌟Player UI🌟

1. A Set of Examples to Create your own Game ui with ease.

- Health bar

- Stamina Bar

- Tool Bar

- Mini Map

- inventory Book icon

- Game Saved Notification

- Coins Holder

                  🌟Ribbons Set🌟

1. A cool set of Ribbons in 4 Styles

2. Contains 3 Different Sizes

- 16x16

- 32x32

- 64x64

3. Contains 2 Colors

- Gold

- Red

                    🌟items Set🌟

1. Contains A Set of items 

- 16x16

- 16 in Total


1. A Set of Player Equipment in 5 Colors

- 16x16

2. Each items Consists of 5 Colors

- Hat  - Shirt  - Pants  - Glove  - Belt  - Boot

3. Contains Bottles in 4 Colors

4. Contains A Set of Equipment icons.

- 16x16

- 8 in Total

- Hat  - Shirt  - Pants  - Glove  - Belt  - Boot  - Bottle

                   🌟Mini Map🌟

1. Contains A Set Of items          -- Without Tileset--

- Houses in 4 Styles


- Tower

- Grass of 2 Styles

- Tree

- Clouds in 2 Styles

- Clouds Shadows in 2 Styles

           🌟Book icons Set🌟

1. A Set of icons that indicate each page of the Book

- 16x16

- 8 in Total

                🌟Emoji Pack🌟

1. A Set of Emoji icons to use in your dialogue System

- 16x16

- 11 in Total

      🌟Book Day & Night icon🌟

We have Updated the Adventure Book Day & Night System

In Version 1.1 we have the Following Animations...

1 Morning

2 Transition from Morning to After Noon

3 Good After Noon

4 Transition from After Noon to Lightning

5 Lightning Type 1

6 Lightning Type 2

7 Transition from Lightning to Raining

8 Raining

9 Transition from Raining to After Noon

10 Transition from After Noon to Evening

11 Evening

12 Transition from Evening to Night

13 Transition from Evening to Night Stars

14 Night

15 Night Stars

16 Transition from Night to Morning

17 Transition from Night Stars to Morning

Aseprite Source File is Also included To Make Any Changes You Like

Hope you Like it

                 🌟Source Files🌟

1. All Files Are Exported & Placed in Their Respected Folders


-PNG Files

              🌟Aseprite Files🌟

1. We Also Provide Aseprite Files So That You Can Work With Ease.

-Aseprite Files


License  :

Do Not Re-Sell Re-Distribute These Assets.

Used for Commercial & Personal Games.

Attribution Are Not Necessary But Appreciated.


Rules :

1. We do not Click on Links, so do not post any video or

project in the comment section.

2. if you want to share something on our page then contact us first.

3. If you Need any help or require updates related to our project then

feel free to ask us at any Time.



From Today We Have Launched Our Patreon Page

Our Each Tier is Based on a Series of Assets that updated from time to time

First 3 Tiers are Monthly Based Projects where we upload 1 project from each Tier every Month

Tier 4 & 5 Are Special Once that requires more time and effort. 

Tier 4 Contains Pocket Inventory Series 

Tier 5 Contains " LockVenture Series " Where we make a Complete Game Asset Pack for you to make a full game with ease. 

So Our Effort And Your Support Can Make A Difference.


    --:Thank you for your Support:--

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Would it be possible to combine the Anime Book Paper Flip animation with the Open book animation? As I can see, those two are two different assets and have kind of different colors 🤔

(1 edit)

it's a bundle of 2 different books so it's not possible now 

but in future maybe I Might add open and close animation for anime book

Hello :) Wondering what font you used, or if it's an original font, would you be able to make and provide it please? Specifically, the one in the "anime book". It's very good^^


ThaleahFat is Used in Red Book 


CloisterBlack is Used in First Book

Hello! Is there any chance you could add dawn/dusk/rain weather gadgets? Or any way I could commission them to you?

A gadget that displays all seasons just like the day and night cycle in second gold book profile page.

Not necessarily all seasons, just more daytime variation. Yes! like the one in the gold book profile page.

Yes I can

(1 edit)

i have expanded the Day and Night Cycle. You can see them in the examples tab.

Thank you very much!

Hello! I want to ask about you liscensing thingy because its a bit unclear for me.

"Do Not Re-Sell Re-Distribute These Assets."
Does this mean I can or cannot make commercial games with this?

yes you can make games for commercial use

Great pack. And thanks for providing the examples and the aseprite files too. Makes it easy to use. One of the best UI packs I've seen for a pixel game.

Thank you