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It's Now Updated And Now It's Free

Get Fully Animated Pixel Book And Map in White Color For Free.

Asalam o Alaikum and Welcome All Viewers.

After a successful release of " Super Asset Bundle #2 : Adventure Time " 

We are happy to announce that

We have now released a new Bundle with Exciting New Features.

This Bundle Contains a " Free Paper UI System " & if you pay for " Premium Pack " then you can access to all the files in a Mega Discount Offer.


This is Version 2.0 and it includes.

1. Paper UI Comes With 2 Styles.

- Plain

- Folding & Cutout

2. You can use Paper UI to Create Game Interface such as.

- Shop

- Calendar

- Daily Rewards

- item Holder with Separate Day & Night Cycle

- Dialogue Box

- Main Menu

- Mini Map

- Player HUD

- Notifications

3. Paper Contains.

- Back Paper

- Front Paper

4. Headers in 4 Styles

First 2 Headers are not Resizable

- Header 1 Size 576x160

- Header 2 Size 432x160

Last 2 Headers are Resizable

- Header 3 Size 448x208

- Header 4 Size 448x80

5. Resizable Banners in 3 Styles

- Size 64x176

6. Paper UI Contains Content Appear Animation for Both

- Plain

- Folding & Cutout

1. You can now place Book & Paper on a desk.

2. Desk consists of 5 Designs.

3. Size is 768x560 pixels

1. A fully customizable inventory book.

2. Comes in 4 Colors.

- Brown

- Gold

- Silver

- White

3. Book Size in Pixels is.

-  width 488px  

- height 312px

1. Contains Page Flip Animation in One Style.

- Page Flip Left

- Page Flip Right

1. Book Contains Open & Close Animation in One Style.

1. Book Side Tabs Contains the Following Animation.

- Tabs Appear

- Tabs Disappear

2. Side Tab Animations are Exported with and without icons.

1. We Have 6 Fully Designed inventory Pages.





-Save System


1. A fully customizable inventory Map.

- Map Size in Pixels is 

- width 480px

- height 316px

1. Comes with icons to create a Mini World Map

- Road

- Tree

- River

- Mountain

- House

- Compass

- Pin Points

1. Map Contains the following animations.

- Map Open 

- Map Close

2. Map Open & Close Animation in 2 Styles.

- With Ribbon

- Without Ribbon

5. We Have 5 fully Designed inventory Tabs

- World Map

- Equipment

- Inventory

- Save & Load

- Settings

Note : These following Features are used in Both Pixel Book & Map

You can check the screenshots for graphical info.

1. Resizable Buttons and Holders.

- Holders are Tile Base and Sizes are Within 32x32 pixels.

- Buttons Sizes are 16x16 pixels.

2. Arrow pointer and Frames in 4 Styles for highlighting Objects.

- Arrow Pointers Size is 16x16 pixels.

- High Lighters Sizes are Within  16x16 pixels.

3. Check box in 2 Styles and Size is 16x16 pixels.

1. A set of Progress Bars within 16x16 pixels.

2. Comes in 3 Styles.

3. Contains 3 Colors.




1. A pack of 12 items in 16x16 pixels.

1. A set of 23 icons. 

2. icons Size in Pixels is 

- 16x16 px

- 32x32 px

- 48x48 px

1. A Pack of Equipment set in 16x16 pixels.







2. Comes in 2 Colors

- Silver

- Brown

1. Decorative lines in 2 Styles are Also Included.

1. An Animated Recycle Bin that can be used for inventory.

1. Day & Night Cycle With Following Animations.

- Day 

- After Noon

- Dawn

- Night

- Lightning in 5 Styles

- Raining

- Raining Plus Lightning in 5 Styles

2. Size is Within 42x42 Pixels.

1. A Set of 12  Emoji icons for Inventory.

1. All Files Are Exported To Their Respected Folders.

2. Contains the Following Formats.


- Aseprite

- SpriteSheet

1. You can only use these assets in commercial & non-commercial projects.

2. You can modify these assets.

3. You can not redistribute or resale, even if modified.

4. Attributes are needed but not Required.

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Get this asset pack and 22 more for $13.00 USD
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Free Paper UI System v1.0.zip 5 MB
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A Humble Gift - Pixel Book - For 7 Days Only.zip 1 MB
A Humble Gift - Pixel Map - For 7 Days Only.zip 386 kB
Premium Pack.zip 6 MB
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Hello there!

Just tried to access my files via the download button but the new released free files might have glitched the download page for me (bought the pack a while ago).

Free + Premium should be available to me but it only shows the free one.

I already contacted the itch.io support because they might have to fix it on their end for a permanent solution. Just a heads up for you (and others) if any other people run into the same problem :)

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards

just post you gmail and we will send you the premium files

(1 edit)

Thanks for the speedy reply :) Please send 'em to --- (the same I used for the pack).

Update: received, thanks a lot!

We have Sent the Premium Pack Via Gmail.


I just bought the bundle, and the Premium Pack is not included.
Should I proceed by email as well? Could you please mention your email address?
Thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

We have just sent you the Premium Pack.

I bought the $4 package and the premium version costs $3 and is not available to me.

Don't worry this has happened with some Just send me your Gmail and I will send the premium pack.

Meanwhile you should contact itch.io to resolve this issue.

We have just send you the Premium file on you Gmail.

I bought the $4 package and the premium version costs $3 and is not available to me.

Deleted 256 days ago

Got it!

We have just sent a Premium Pack on you Gmail.

Awesome pack, I like it a lot :D
It would be nice to have a few gifs for the animations inside the premium pack, cause sometimes it's hard to figure out how it should look.


ok I'll add some